Young M.A. Directed A Film for PornHub

Rap isn’t enough for Young M.A. The Brooklyn rapper is out here diversifying her portfolio is has dabbled in the world of directing in the most random of places. PornHub enlisted M.A. for a film called The Gift, which is tied to their new series “The Visionaries Directos’ Club” that will feature new films from creatives. This series has been established to give paid subscribers and viewers different content than what they’re used to and tap into the female audience on the website.

M.A’s music will be used in the film she directed and she talks about her work with PH in this behind-the-scenes video about it.

In the clip, she reveals what the particular scene consists of and the girls in it talk about why they love lesbian porn compared to regular. They all joke about what the M.A stands for and are all excited for her to direct for them. Young also speaks on what she likes out of a female and confesses she likes them straight, so she can teach them the ways from their experimentation and curiosity.

She also fucked with directing, so maybe we’ll see her behind the camera in the coming months, in some aspect besides PornHub.

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