EXCLUSIVE: The Story of 2pac, Jam Master Jay & How 50 Cent Would’ve Joined Death Row East

#RIPMakaveli // #RIPJMJ

2pac, Jam Master Jay Death Row East records story is explained, with Suge Knight formally launching the label and opening offices before Pac’s death. We are not sure how we got this point of revealing this story from the archives, but recent events led us to do so. From people like us that were around during the era, we saw a few notable movements that were happening before the downfall of Death Row.

Last month, two people were arrested in the murder of Jam Master Jay, who’s death had remained a mystery in public for 20 years. Much like 2pac’s death, which is today; no one has had proper closure for the Bay Area, Baltimore and Harlem icon’s passing.

Just months before 2pac’s death, he had plans, on paper, with Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay to run Death Row East. The infamous label would be working with New York rappers from Death Row’s hub in New Jersey. Eric B was expected to run the entire label, who 2pac felt was one of the few cats from New York that had his back.

It got to the point, where Suge had offices up and running, with Run-DMC mentioning the deal through 2pac at live events in late 1996. At the time, 50 Cent, had just launched his career and was looking for guidance in a music industry to leave the street life behind.

Shockingly, he linked up with Jam Master Jay, who was from Northside Queens of Hollis. It was out of the norm for a Southsider to work with someone from Queens, but it happened. What many do not know, is that Kanan and 2pac had several friends and enemies from the same circle in Jamaica, Queens.

E-Money Bags, who was a close associate with 50 Cent in the late 90s, was a direct friend of 2pac before the falling out with Big Stretch. Jimmy Henchman, who has denied being involved in Quad Studios shooting of 2pac, also had a street beef with 50 Cent in later years.

E was the bridge for Tupac to have all of his beefs with Mobb Deep and Biggie ended – which was the original plan after meeting with Nas. Considering 50 Cent got blackballed from the industry before linking up with Eminem, Jam Master Jay and Suge Knight would have made sure this never happened.

Suge’s strong tactics and JMJ’s respect from all behind-the-scenes, was something many feared. Suge got to the point, where Death Row became the first and only ever black-owned label that were distributing their own music. Yes, Suge Knight owned his own music distribution from beating asses and not being screwed over.

2pac was guaranteed this same promise through his Makaveli Records and Death Row East movement. He was never going to leave the Row, regardless how many people go on a Suge smear campaign and attempt to rewrite history.

Tupac really did not want to continue rapping either and wanted to put career focus entirely on acting, then fashion. Surprisingly, this is similar to what 50 Cent has now done with deals with Starz and now Netflix.

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