The Story of 2pac & Snoop Dogg’s ‘2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted’ Movie


Over the weekend, MTV released a rare behind-the-scenes look at “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” from 2pac. This was to celebrate the 25-year-anniversary of his All Eyez on Me album, releasing February 13, 1996. Since this also marks the same anniversary of his death, where he would’ve turned 50, we’ve been listening to more Pac in recent years.

Now, back when the two first filmed this music video in early April of ‘96, 2pac was writing a script for an official film with Snoop Dogg and DJ Pooh. For those that don’t know, after his unfortunate death, that project would later become 3 Strikes, starring the homie Brian Hooks.

During the shoot, Suge Knight confirmed that he was going to give Pooh a big budget. This was large in part to him being part of the Death Row Family, and his past work being the creator of Ice Cube’s first movie, Friday. Pac was adamant on filming the movie; after Gridlock’d, Bullet and Gang Related.

We find it insane, that he had time to still work in the studio; while working on those films and touring across the world in just 8 months. The production for the film was slated to begin in early 1997, which would’ve released as a collaborative project with 2pac, The Outlawz, Snoop and Daz.

We’re not sure if Kurupt would’ve came back to Death Row, since he had a falling out with Pac and Suge a few months before the Las Vegas incident. With Daz not getting in between the two, he started to decline in work ethic, which didn’t sit well with Pac or Suge.

So, it got to the point where Pac became frustrated and started making beats himself. If you notice on the Makaveli album, some of those producers were never heard of before that album. Take a look at media below.

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