EXCLUSIVE: The 3 People That Can Make The Firm 2022 Album Happen

3 People Make The Firm 2022 Album Happen

EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z & Dame Dash Originally had The Firm with Roc-a-Fella & What Went Wrong

Never in the history of rap have we ever been this close to reunion album from The Firm. It was all started after our guy Chauncey took the helm for the career direction of Nasir Jones and dropped two back-to-back classic albums. We’re calling King’s Disease II the best rap album of 2021 and are standing on that until someone proves us otherwise.

Now, with AZ finally active again in the studio and Cormega readying new music for 2022; this is the perfect time for The Firm to release the classic album we never got. If you peeped last April, we broke down how Roc-a-Fella was going to be the original home for The Firm, but labels stepped in and ruined the entire project with their input.

It’s still the first and only album ever to have Universal, Warner and Sony all collaborating for distributed project. Now, you’re asking yourselves why this is being brought back to light. Because for months, we’ve been pressing some of the previously mentioned parties about this project and really want that classic project.

The three people that can make this happen are: Jay-Z, Steve Stoute and Hit-Boy. Jay-Z, the mentor of Foxy Brown, only has to press a bottom for the entire thing to pilot; and still has the up most respect from the entire camp. Steve Stoute serves as the manager of Nas, which is the only thing really stopping this from happening.

And with Hit-Boy, he’ll just how to figure out how each artist would love to contribute to the body of work. If year’s past, AZ has always been adamant on working with Nas and getting more collaborative songs to the public by the two.

However, the schedule of Escobar (and marriage) after Stillmatic changed everything from him being available to lock in studio sessions. This led to AZ taking a decade break from the rap game in releasing albums, as he’s recently said a lot of people are inspiring him to keep active.

Well, The Firm 2022 album is something we’d love to see, as those are the three people, we believe, that can make it happen. DJ Khaled is also another person we would expect to see help curate this entire thing, while it’s still possible.

if you’re reading between the lines, this isn’t a random post. . . .

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