50 Cent Announces New G-Unit Mixtape, Discusses Black Mafia Family Movie

“My issue with The Game, is I don’t know what happened with him period.” (c) 50 Cent

50 Cent was in Connecticut to stop by for a conversation with longtime acquaintance Jenny Boom. The conversation opened up with using the viral campaign we witnessed for Animal Ambition, which he’s using for the rollout for his sixth studio album Street King Immortal later this year. Fiddy cited hip hop’s influx of rhymers rapping about riches they don’t have, which gave him a catch-22 and questioning whether using the exhausted formula he’s currently living.

After briefly discussing success from his new STARZ series Power, he went to briefly touch on the B.M.F. biopic through Lions Gate he’s directing and will have a proper presentation. Things quickly transitioned to discussing the recent G-Unit reunion, which he cited as water under the bridge after all parties. The Game was brought up in the conversation and 50 Cent, where he touched on their miscommunication that led to him getting axed from the group.

He re-confirmed the official G-Unit third studio album coming this 4th quarter and a mixtape the camp just recorded over the last few days.

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