50 Cent Puts Ma$e on Blast for Holding Fivio Foreign’s Publishing Hostage, Call Out Supreme & Henchman

Can’t have it both ways betha. . .

This week, 50 Cent has been promoting his new ABC series, For Life. However, while back in the public media spotlight this month, Kanan has been sharing some gems and addressing some controversial topics.

After basically ending his feud with Puff Daddy in recent months, he hasn’t been too fond about the current situation with his former best friend, Floyd Mayweather. While opting to not discuss that here, 50 went shockingly went to address snitching claims by both Kenneth Supreme and Jimmy Henchman – two of New York City’s most well-respected men in the entertainment world.

Fif soon called out both men and told the public to ask them whether or not he was a snitch. Before things ended, he also put Ma$e on blast for calling out Puff Daddy over publishing. He said that Mr. Betha was doing the same thing to current buzzing artist, Fivio Foreign, who’s been trying to get out of his deal with Ma$e since last year.

Take a look at media below.

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