50 Cent Quietly Adds Major Classic G-Unit Mixtape to Streaming Services

Return of the body snatchers. . .

50 Cent G-Unit mixtape 2021 streaming services added, as Kanan readies an abundance of new TV show material and music this year. With 50 Cent all but putting G-Unit in the grave, a classic mixtape hit streaming platforms over the holiday.

This week, we noticed his Return of the Body Snatchers project with DJ Whoo Kid was mysteriously on Spotify and thought it was a mistake. In the past, him and Whoo Kid had retro G-Unit radio compilations on the streaming giants. However, those were taken down due to licensing and copyrights.

Now, it looks like the G-Unit brand is going back to the archives to add their material on platforms. Below, you can take a look at how to hear the classic project.

Apple Music




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