The 50 Cent vs. 6ix9ine Serious Situation Explained


As you all know, 6ix9ine is set to testify against his former friends in court this week, for allegedly hiring them commit a murder against a well-known rapper. Prior to all of this happening, 50 Cent and well-known lawyer, Mr. Isaac Wright Jr., were trying to represent Tekashi and give him legal advice during the initial arrest.

However, 6ix9ine refused to speak with those that had his best interest and sadly caved into a deal to avoid serving time. Mr. Wright went as far as to say that Tekashi would’ve got cleared of charges, if he only listened to him and Kanan in an Instagram post a few days ago.

This situation hits close to home for Fifty, because one of his family members is locked up over the situation. In year’s past, the honorable native of Southside has had his day-one friends providing security for him, whenever he’s out and brokering deals in entertainment.

So, most of you should know his bodyguard by the name of Monsta. Well, Monsta’s brother, Faheem ‘Crippy’ Walter, was arrested with Shotti, Mel Matrix and the rest of the Nine Tr3yway camp last Thanksgiving. Due to 6ix9ine cooperating with the government, Crippy received five years in prison a few weeks ago, which didn’t sit well with 50 at all.

Since Monsta is one of the only people 50 can trust, it’s safe to say that he’ll never be associated with 6ix9ine or anything linked to him ever again. Take a look at media below.

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