50 Cent Readying 2022 Album with Pop Smoke & Migos Producer

50 Cent Readying 2022 Album

Buddah Bless gives a major update on the album. . .

50 Cent readying 2022 album, as recent producer of Pop Smoke and Migos gives a major update on the project from Kanan out next year. During quarantine, 50 Cent helped executive produce one of the best albums for the entire 2020. That happened to be Pop Smoke’s Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon album, which served as his first posthumous album.

Across the board, the project was praised by listeners, critics and the rap community; as 50 did right by his late friend. However, for whatever reason, 50 was left out of the Faith album, which was released last summer.

Unfortunately, that project didn’t receive the same praise, which we’re assuming the plans Fifty wanted to do for Pop Smoke, have now transitioned to the momentum he has with Power Universe and BMF show.

For those of you thinking this will be another Street King Immortal situation, 50 has complete control over his music career now, after years of fighting with labels.

Take a look at first details on the pending album below, which will come out on time since his label situation has been fixed behind-the-scenes.

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