50 Cent Responds to FEDs Report Clearing His Name in Snitching on Jimmy Henchman

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On Sunday, TMZ released official documents from the federal government, clearing 50 Cent’s name as a snitch in the case of James ‘Jimmy Henchman’ Rosemond. With 50 Cent’s lifetime affiliates of Tupac Shakur having issues with Jimmy back in the day, that static transitioned to more real-life situations years later with him

An official working inside the case, shared a document from the U.S. Department of Justice’s DEA Office citing that Fifty may have been calling the FEDs in 2009 to tip off former music mogul Mr. Rosemond. At the time, Jimmy was linked to the murder of 50 Cent’s childhood friend, Lodi Mack, who allegedly slap Henchman’s son back in 2005.

This eventually led to Jimmy being charged with murder for hire, as prosecutors believed he hired guys to kill Lodi. Well, as far as 50 needing help for protection, the FEDs member told TMZ that the Queens rapper refused to cooperate in a trial against his enemy, shutting down rumors that he was an informant.

Take a look at Kanan’s response to the situation below.

Deleted response to TMZ on the article:

😆Boy I got shit so fucked up they sitting around making fake paper work.well that back fired, everybody know old gangsta jimmy a RAT.#lecheminduroi

Deleted response to Ja Rule voicing his opinion:

This the fake shit jah rule punk as made, after we found out he didn’t pay his taxes for four years. 😆 LOL

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