6ix9ine Admits to Tr3yway Allegedly Shooting at Freddie Gibbs During DJ Akademiks Back & Forth Altercation


6ix9ine admits Tr3yway shooting Freddie Gibbs, allegedly, during Tr3yway’s 2018 run with third party.

Last week, Freddie Gibbs discussed the current career of Jeezy; citing that the Atlanta rap legend isn’t relevant. While rap peers remained quiet in giving their two cents on the BFK, Akademiks jumped out of the window randomly to speak out.

Earlier today, on his show, he discussed Freddie Kane’s comments; and said that Gibbs was irrelevant too if he felt that way about Jeezy.

What the general public doesn’t know, is that 6ix9ine had issues with several rappers who never went public.

Those real people, like Gibbs, kept everything internal and didn’t chase clout. During the initial Freddie vs. Akademiks back-and-forth session on social media; Ak decided to start a livestream on twitch.

What Tekashi didn’t know, was that he was being publicly recorded on the session. In the conversation, he admitted to Tr3yway firing shots at Gibbs, through an affiliate of his former camp. (Don’t get mad Drake, he’s drunk bro.)

Take a look at media below.

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