6ix9ine Affiliate Claims Tr3way Shotti is Snitching & Ro Murda Was Stabbed

More news emerges. . .

Last month, Fuguan ‘Fu Banga’ Lovick pleaded guilty to the infamous Barclays Center shooting in 2018, which led to 6ix9ine’s banning from the arena. With a total of up to 9 members copping out to deals over recent weeks, Fu Banga has shared some eye-raising news.

According to his lawyer, Fu went to explain that Shotti is allegedly the reason why he has to sit in jail and serve more time than he was originally set to receive. Last year, Fu was anticipating a $40K bail from Tr3yway but his former friends never held their end of an agreement.

This led to Fu hiring his own lawyer and finding out through paperwork that Shotti had cooperated with the FEDs to possibly receive a lesser sentence. Before things ended, he revealed that Ro Murda was also stabbed multiple times in jail and was sent to the infirmary in critical condition.

Take a listen to the story below.

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