6ix9ine Footage of Tr3yway Robbery Used as Evidence in Shotti Trial

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Earlier this week, 6ix9ine’s 2015 sex case had been dropped, which raised a few eyes. While some believe the Brooklyn rapper has been cooperating with the FBI, some are under the impression that he could be returning home. Well, this weekend, TMZ has broke a story on more from 6ix9ine’s case.

Apparently, the FEDS are placing Tekashi at alleged shootings and armed robberies with his co-defendants – which is their proof of his involvement of those activities in the streets.

In filed documents, more than a dozen of images of images of Tekashi 69, Shotti and other members pulling armed robberies and shootings – which essentially have him red handed. The prosecutors also revealed to TMZ, that they grabbed videos from phones belonging to 6ix9ine and members of Tr3yway; which has matched the original image of an armed robbery on April 3rd.

NYPD authorities cited that Tekashi recorded the incident, which was allegedly given to a 3rd party to post online. This matched shots of a backpack that was stolen was later found at 6ix9ine’s former Brooklyn home; during the original September raid, where they found an AR-15 rile.

That moment led to the end of Tr3yway, which was the trojan horse to force an incitement on the parties above. At the moment, Tekashi has another bail hearing set for December 17th, which could be his last attempt before next September’s trail. Take a look at content below.

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