A Breakdown of Why Judge Engelmayer is Being Easy on Tr3yway after Nuke Sentencing

Nuke gets sentenced. . .

This week, Manhattan courts handed one of the final sentences in the Tr3yway saga. Aljermiah ‘Nuke’ Mack was given 17 years for drug dealing and racketeering charges – with conspiracy to distributed heroin and fentanyl.

In the hearing, Judge Paul Engelmayer imposed the sentence, which was extremely light after the United States Government wanted him to get 30 years. After a letter from his childhood teacher and conflicting stories regarding the alleged kidnapping, Engelmayer didn’t seem like a believer of the 6ix9ine story (many others don’t either).

Judge Engelmayer has been lenient to every member of the Nine-Trey Bloods, after most copped out to plea deals. In a sense, he wanted those men to take responsibility for their actions, as they have beginning with Shotti and Mel.

While most were given less than 10 years, you’ll start seeing various members home in the next three years, with Shotti getting out before the end of the decade. In the case of Mack, a Bushwick high school teacher’s letter saved him from receiving more than 20 years on the inside.

Beforehand, Tekashi took the stand, and finger-pointed him as a leader of Tr3yway, which didn’t sit well with other members. However, the judge was understanding of his environments, like the rest of the camp, which is the most shocking thing of all.

Take a look at Mack’s transcript below.

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