EXCLUSIVE: 6ix9ine Has Been Granted by FEDs to Reveal Confidential Tr3yway Case Information after Jail Release


So, with the Tr3yway sentencing situations currently going on until the December when Bat, Harv and Nuke are unfortunately sentenced; some interesting intel has made it to our way this month.

With 6ix9ine set for his release the week before X-Mas on December 18th, we’ve been told that the Federal Government will allow him to reveal something really major on the entire Tr3yway case.

While we’re not allowed to discuss this, from what his lawyers said after court a few days ago; it has nothing to do with CEO Kris and is an entirely different plot twist. This is likely an attempt for 6ix9ine to clear his name on the criminal end and use the kidnapping trial as him being a civilian situation.

A lot of it will lead back to the infamous interview with The Breakfast Club. There, Tekashi threw his former friends of Tr3yway under the bus, forcing the FEDs to move in and save his life.

Another thing that was said, was 6ix9ine doing that interview, actually saved many people who copped out to deals. The serious time that was in play from the Federal Government, was more than what Tekashi copped out to at 47-years before his cooperation with the FEDs

So, to say a lot of these men got off light, is an understatement, as some were looking at life through colleced evidence with informant Kris.

We expect Shotti, Mel Murda and the rest to possibly discuss their story, immediately after 6ix9ine goes to major media platforms like The New York Times, CNN, 60 Minutes and 20/20.

Look for this story to emerge likely immediately after the ball drops for New Years 2020.

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