6ix9ine’s Jail Release Changed after New Federal Government Plans

Out next month. . .

After agreeing to cooperate with the FEDs over the summer, 6ix9ine was scheduled to have his sentencing in early January. However, due to the government getting what they wanted, in finding both Harv and Nuke guilty on various charges; it looks like Tekashi is returning home in the next few weeks.

Prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman, sent a letter to Judge Engelmayer earlier this weekend, requesting for 6ix9ine to have his sentencing held next month. During the initial Tr3yway trial, 6ix9ine was concerned about his 5K1 letter and not members of the bloods in court, from what we were told.

The 5K1 letter is what Geoffrey Berman sent off to court, which many didn’t expect to happen until after New Year’s. It’s expected that he’ll receive time served and immediately be released from jail by Thanksgiving, which will mark one-year + one-day.

Take a look at media below.

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