EXCLUSIVE: The Reason Why 6ix9ine Lost All Major ‘Tattle Tales’ Album Guest Features Last Second

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6ix9ine lost major ‘Tattle Tales’ album features last second, which led to his project receiving no social media help earlier this month in his release. At the top of the month, 6ix9ine had a slew of rappers that were slated to appear on his comeback project. After deciding to release multiple singles, he eventually lost momentum from his return home; after facing up to life in prison with the Tr3yway division of the Bloods.

Tory Lanez and Anuel AA were publicly confirmed collaborators, but both decided to pull their verses from his project last second. This put 6ix9ine in a bad spot, as he had to re-record unfinished songs, which is why most were under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

A few rappers (not pictured above, of course) even took a big bag for the collaborations, which we’re sure would’ve shocked some of the masses. Some of these guys were even A-listers, as Nicki Minaj was the only person who held him down after returning to music.

When 6ix9ine was first released, he did seem remorseful for letting his family and fans down with his decision. He even went as far as to say he had no choice, given the severity of the situation.

However, in the weeks ensuing, he embraced the idea of him being a snitch and he didn’t seem remorseful for helping putting away people behind bars. Those artists and other rappers, who were willing to work with Tekashi, didn’t feel like he came off emotionally distraught from the trial.

They felt 6ix9ine should’ve said he didn’t want to become cooperator with the federal government and his former friends made him a rat from not having a secure living environment behind the wall. He even went as far as to co-signing the FEDs arrest of Tr3yway and saying he wanted to snitch, which ended all possible plans of collaborations with those rappers.

Although Tekashi didn’t have everything to do with the takedown (see: CEO KRIS), he was the poster boy for the entire investigation. If 6ix9ine would’ve came home humble and a changed person, he would’ve gotten publicl co-signs from those in the industry and not blackballed.

originally featured Tory Lanez

ORIGINALLY featured Anuel AA

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Daniel Hernandez, known professionally as Tekashi69 or just 6ix9ine, is an American rapper, songwriter, and convicted felon.

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