6ix9ine’s Numbers Examined by Former Music Executive & Confirmed Fake after Lil Reese Altercation

All these numbers fake. . .

6ix9ine numbers examined former music executive, confirmed fake to expose the entire analytic system of how things are counted. This weekend, Tekashi returned to the internet to release his “ZAZA” music video. While this may have been considered a random date to the 95 percentiles of listeners, many realized he non-coincidentally picked the death day 💫💨.

With the video gaining over 20 million in less than 24 hours, Star wanted to discuss the roll-out and 6ix9ine putting Meek Mill in his music video. This led to a caller bringing up the Brooklyn rapper’s immediate success that had to be fact-checked. Below, you can listen to the GOAT Star explaining the history of fake numbers in the modern era.

6ix9ine IG Live 2/20/21

59-minutes for 69 numbers talk

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