6ix9ine’s First Encounters in Harlem is an Immediate Red Flag for his Security, Warning to Aggressors

Hire more shooters. .

6ix9ine restaurant, Harlem fight altercation video footage has emerged. This weekend, 6ix9ine has been showing his face, in his new home borough of Manhattan, but ran into some incidents over the last 72 hours.

Over the last few days, we’ve seen 6ix9ine back in the streets of NYC trolling. While those tactics have been limited to the streets of Manhattan, he’s had two encounters on camera so far.

The first of which, happened in upper Manhattan, where he was forced to leave a restaurant. Apparently, the owner of the building didn’t want his money and seemed like a respected individual running his business.

However, today, a civilian saw Tekashi in the streets and wanted to confront him. With 6ix9ine speaking back, his security immediately stepped in and prevented him being attacked. However, the random civilian couldn’t be controlled by security, which is alarming – to say the least.

This may have been what 6ix9ine’s waiting for, in case anybody in the future does show up armed to commit a suicide mission. This will now enable him to have more armed security, which has been limited in just one week of being released from house arrest. In the past, he’s openly called hits on fellow rappers, and shouldn’t be taken lightly to purposely troll people into getting shot.

Initially, he was playing the victim role with Shotti and Tr3yway, but that looks have died down after him mocking the deaths of rappers Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hussle. We’re expecting to the armed presence of his security increase drastically, since he’s still required to cooperate with the FEDs anytime they have a question on any gang activity.

The last thing the Federal Government and FBI want to happen, is him being injured – or worse. This will make people fearful of becoming informants down the line. However, if you’re in the streets, you should never reveal any information – regardless of the ramifications.

For those out there in New York looking to approach him, things will not happen like this again with the man in his SUV attacking security.

Peep footage below.

Getting kicked outta restaurant on Friday

Restaurant pt. 2

Sunday afternoon altercation

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