6ix9ine Robbery Defendants Call Kidnapping Story a Hoax, After Murder-for-Hire Leak

More 6ix9ine news surfaces. . .

Last week, it was revealed that 6ix9ine would be taking the stand to testify against two men who allegedly robbed and kidnapped him.

During the story, the report stated that Tekashi allegedly offered money to kill the two men who kidnapped him. Well, this week, more eye-raising information surface. A defense attorney for one of the accused kidnappers, believes Tekashi orchestrated the scheme himself to generate interest for his pending album at the time.

Considering he did have a black eye and internally fell out with Shotti before their indictment, it’s hard to believe whose story. Prior to the investigation, the United States Government also had a wire tap in the car of 6ix9ine, so this is why we think they’re allowing 6ix9ine to go to court and testify.

Look for more details to emerge after the September 16th trial.

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