6ix9ine’s Rumored 1st Feature Leaked for Next Single

Allegedly. . .

After failing to land a no. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 last week, 6ix9ine is looking to get his biggest career milestone to date. The NYC rapper called out some big names in the music industry, but has since changed his heart on going at the heads of those individuals.

Next Friday, Tekashi is rolling out his follow-up single to “GOOBA,” which he’s citing will break the internet. Well, according to insiders, Nicki Minaj is set to be the alleged surprise guest feature for the track. This would be in follow-up to their “FEFE” single, which became 6ix9ine’s 2nd biggest single to date of his career.

With Nicki also allegedly rumored to be paying for lawyer fees, in the case with 6ix9ine’s girlfriend against Cardi B – the two have kept a close relationship. So many artists have vowed to never work with him after he agreed to co-operate with the federal government.

However, that’s not stopping them from receiving money to have fake online beefs with him. Look for more on this story to happen later in the week before the single.

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