EXCLUSIVE: A Look into the 50 Cent Situation with 6ix9ine after Refusing to Bring Him up in Tr3yway Case

I am not gang gang. .

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been watching coverage for the 6ix9ine vs. Harv and Nuke trial. While various outlets have reported transcripts of Tekashi on the stand identifying people that allegedly were planning to kill him; we’re hearing that the entire truth isn’t being told.

Earlier this month, Fifty said 6ix9ine wasn’t allowed to call him, after his G-Unit associate Crippy was tangled up in the Tr3yway RICO investigation.

Well, in that same raid, the FEDs were allegedly trying to pin something on Kanan; which isn’t the first time they’ve been after him (see: Prodigy revealing the government wanted him to set up Fifty). On stand, the DA was trying to get 6ix9ine to open up on 50 Cent; but he gave an adamant ‘NO’ pertaining to anything with his former associate.

Considering 50 takes snitching very serious, because his history of keeping his name clear; we’re hearing that now 6ix9ine and 50’s brief issues are over. This doesn’t mean that you’ll see them collaborating ever again, but Fifty removed all jokes from his gram page this weekend about 6ix9ine in court.

From what we’ve been told, there’s no more issues with 6ix9ine and 50 Cent, after Tekashi risked his deal with the government to protect his acquaintance. Prior to Tekashi taking the stand, Fifty said that he identified with Tekashi’s situation on people allegedly doing wrong by him in the months leading up to the big arrest.

While 6ix9ine has plans of explaining his side of the story in January of 2020, most rappers have calmed down in recent days of attacking him – in fear of their paperwork being leaked.

41:50 mark for 6ix9ine

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