A Tribute to Soulful Kanye West

There was a song on The Life of Pablo called “I Love Kanye” where Kanye West goes acapella about the “old Kanye.” It probably struck a chord with plenty of fans because up to that point, people had been wanting that College Dropout and Late Registration vibe from him and didn’t quite get it. We’re not sure we’ll ever hear that again and with his music getting harder to listen to by the day, we have no choice but to go back to the old ‘Ye. People can defend Ye and Yeezus or whatever other album, but consensus between long-time fans is that Yeezy is his best when he’s on his soulful shit.

After listening to that Chance the Rapper on the Joe Budden Podcast, it’s clear that even people close to him are skeptical about his antics and music. Shit, Chano even tried to bring old Yeezy back with Good Ass Job, but who knows how long it’s going to take to get that album — if it even comes to fruition.

That’s why we’ve decided to take it back to that soulful Kanye West music that we can all appreciate. He’s shown flashes of his old self in a few tracks here and there recently, but expect more of his old records on this playlist.

YHANDI may be coming soon, but we’ll be in this playlist for the foreseeable future.

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