A$AP Rocky’s “LIVE.LOVE.ASAP” Mixtape Is Now On Streaming Services

This project is bittersweet because we were right here when A$AP Rocky dropped the classic mixtape that put him on the map. It all started in the OS forums (shoutout to YAMS, may he rest in peace) and when they dropped the “Purple Swag” visual, Rocky started catching buzz. Next thing you know, by the time the “Peso” video came out, every blog was starting to get on the wave.

Now here we are 10 years later and A$AP is an established brand, Rocky is a superstar who is dating Rihanna and he has branched out to fashion, sneakers and more.

Either way, we’re glad to see this album/mixtape on streaming service so we can flashback to a place in time that was golden. If you remember correctly, “Kissing Pink” and “Out Of This World” were originally on the effort, but not in this version. To make up for it, a new song titled “Sandman” produced by Clams Casino is now on there.

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