Albee Al Arrested for Alleged Connection to Fight Altercation, Attempted Murder & Shooting

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Earlier this weekend, New Jersey rapper Albee Al, Albert A. Robinson, was arrested for connection to a New Jersey shooting. The incident took place in the Wall Street Passaic section of the state, happened on August 23rd, where an alleged fight broke out and shooting happened within the same time span.

According to authorities, Al is being charged with two counts of first-degree attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm after Passaic Police Department ran a two-week investigation. Along with Mr. Robinson, an associate by the name of Darnell R. Reeves was also arrested on a count of first-degree attempted murder, illegal possession of handgun.

At the moment, Albee Ali s facing 10-20 years for the charges for first-degree attempted murder, as the state of New Jersey has an 85% conviction success. While details haven’t been released to the general public, regarding the entire incident, look for more on this story to emerge in the coming days.

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