Alpo Martinez Documentary Trailer with Troy Reed Reveals First Ever Interview Footage

Alpo Martinez Documentary Trailer Troy Reed Video

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Alpo Martinez documentary trailer Troy Reed video reveals a look at the upcoming major release from the late Harlem drug kingpin. With Sub-0 planning his own documentary, where he’ll be sharing first-hand experience stories never heard to the public down the line, Troy Reed is planning to release his official documentary interview.

For those that remember, a trailer was released three years ago, where Alpo went to the scene and revealed the exact place the situation with Rich Porter took place. Following a backlash from the public, the documentary was put on hold.

At the time, Po had just secured a 4 million check to release an official biopic film down the line in Hollywood. However, before he left New York City last fall for a trip to Los Angeles, his life was allegedly taken, as the documentary has been approved to release by the immediate family of Mr. Martinez.

Take a look at the new preview below.

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