Alpo Martinez on Why He’s Not Promoting Past Street History & When to Expect His Official Interview

interview this year. . .

Alpo Martinez gives 1st brief video interview, after returning home to Harlem USA two years ago. Last November, Alpo spoke for the first time on camera about making decisions he had to do to ensure he wouldn’t end up in prison for the rest of his life.

While some people that have no history in the streets have said disrespectful things about him, he’s taken every comment on the chin and confronted those individuals. Shockingly, every incident led to them swallowing their words in person, considering his serious past. However, in that clip from over the holidays, he went to re-iterate that he’s not promoting how he was the toughest guy or became federal information.

His message was just to stand on what you believe in, which he’s explained what he believes in. After appearing in NYC for NYE 2020 two weeks ago, this will the year that Alpo has a sit-down tell-all conversation about everything. The DJ Kay Slay phone call from prison was his first time speaking on the situation; but we believe certain people want to look at his eyes while he details everything that happened in the past.

Take a look at the clips below.

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