Alvin Weise – Confession

Alvin Weise ‘Confession’ Song

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Here comes the amazing third single from Stockholms new musical prodigy Alvin Weise “Confessions” The follow up to the heartfelt debut “Starting Over” and second single “Feel The Same” which have gotten praises from blogs from Germany, The UK and US and have been compared to an early Dermot Kennedy.

“Confessions” In Alvins words ;

“Love is like a drug, and I’ve got an addictive personality. That’s where the problem lies for me. You get to escape into another world for a while, and like an addict, you’re in denial about the negative consequences. But eventually, reality catches up, and you need to get sober. By being too forgiving for too long, you’re betraying yourself. Humans are great at recognizing patterns and making assumptions based on them. For me, it became clear that the person I was with wasn’t good for me. I didn’t need to hear the excuses and lies anymore. I felt emotionless, just like they seemed to feel when confronted about their behavior. I had moved on without realizing it, and it was too late to go back. I had to catch up to my feelings, and they needed to catch up as well. It was already over and had been for a long time. I just wasn’t brave enough to see it at first. I was angry, but I could see my own fault in letting it happen again and again. I just had to man up, break free, and move on”

This is the third single that is both written and produced Alvin and masterted at Abbey Road along with a string of up coming releases that will go well into next year. Watch this space as they say, Alvin got solo songs, co writes and collabs up his sleeve and is a name to remember for the future of pop music.

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