Apple Music Has Reached 36 Million Paid Subscribers

While Spotify may be the global leader in streaming with 70 million subscribers, it seems as if it won’t be long until Apple Music takes over domestically.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple Music now has 36 million subscribers and is growing at more than double the pace that Spotify is (5 percent vs. 2 percent). The platform announced that it had 30 million subscribers last September, adding 6 million subscribers in about five months.

The success of Apple Music is partly because of the amount of iPhones on the market and the fact the app is pre-loaded on every phone. Not to mention the fact that streaming is the main form of consumption of music in today’s age.

It will be a huge deal if Apple Music can take over Spotify in the United States by the time summer rolls around and all signs point to that happening as of now.

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