How the A$AP M.O.B. Received Backlash for Changing NYC Sound to Open Door for Current Artists

The Yams elephant in the room. . .

Back in 2011, the A$AP M.O.B. was introduced to the world by the late great A$AP Yams. At the time, most felt it was taboo for a New York based artist to sound like they were from a different region, but Yams vision was already 10 years ahead of the music industry and general public.

This week, the collective spoke about the creation of the MOB, including changing the modern-day New York City sound to pave the way for the modern-day artists we’ve seen over the last two years. We’ve seen the likes of Playboi Carti, Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign all gain international interest, which the M.O.B. opened the door for these artists to express themselves the way they wanted.

Take a look at the clip below.

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