A$AP Rocky Details ‘Testing’ Album, Reveals Track Titles and Producers

Late last night, A$AP Rocky confirmed that his new album Testing is now finished, and shared the artwork for the project. Now, in an interview with Complex for his new cover story, the Harlem rapper has revealed even more details about individual tracks and producers.

The album features a track called “Drops,” which is about losing a loved one. “I wanted to make my emotional song without being too emotional,” he says. “You know how Jay-Z said ‘I can’t see it coming down my eyes so I gotta let this song cry?’ That’s what it was. It’s like pain drops, tear drops, heartache, plight, demise… It’s just [about] losing people. Like, coping with losing motherfuckers.”

Another song is called “OG Beepers” — this one is about going from selling drugs to being a rap star. “Posted on the corner like a trapper,” he raps on it. “Why he move his hands all around like a rapper? Why he move his pants up and down like a scrapper?”

Rocky produced most of the album himself, but Hector Delgado, Kanye West, Dean Blunt and Tyler, The Creator also worked on it. “Working with those two guys has been quite the experience,” Rocky says about Tyler and Frank Ocean. “I’m glad that, on a creative level, everybody gets it. And not only that, those guys are elite. Those guys are geniuses.”

There’s also a track called “Praise the Lord,” both featuring and produced by Skepta. “It takes me back in a place, my childhood or past life that I can’t even explain,” he explains about the song. “It’s nostalgic.”

Check out the video interview below.

OS REWIND: A$AP Rocky Reveals ‘Testing’ Album Cover

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