Audio Push – Planet Earth Is Live

Artist: Audio Push
Song: “Planet Earth Is Live”
Producer: Price & Eric Choice
Album: Last Lights Left
Director: Chris Scholar

Audio Push are always dropping new music, but they’re back in album mode following last year’s debut LP, 90951. Doing things completely independent this time around, Price and Oktane are back sharing a video for their new song “Planet Earth Is Live.” The video is directed by Chris Scholar, and serves as the first single from their upcoming album titled Last Lights Left.

“We are completely independent now so the boundaries are gone,” Price says. “We decided to call this album the LAST LIGHTS LEFT because that is what we feel like we are to the music industry and sometimes the world! In a generation where everything is cool to be dark, satanic, killing in every other rap bar, No creativity or originality in the music, fake people [and] fake winning, we just realized we are THE LAST LIGHTS TO SHINE ON THE DARKNESS. This is the start of a new beginning for Audio Push and The Good Vibe Tribe. No Labels. No Boundaries!”

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