Baby Keem ‘The Melodic Blue’ Album Release Date Revealed with Teaser Trailer

Baby Keem ‘The Melodic Blue’ Album Release Date, Cover Revealed

#TheMelodicBlue out Friday!

Baby Keem ‘The Melodic Blue’ album release date, cover revealed after the team at pgLang readies the project after the major Kenny feature. Just two weeks ago, Baby Keem released his latest single for his long-awaited major debut album.

With help from Kendrick Lamar on his Family Ties music video, Keem isn’t slowing down with new content. Today, the Los Angeles rapper confirmed that his The Melodic Blue project is releasing this Friday, September 10th.

To ready fans, a new album trailer was released, revealing the album is set to be executive produced by Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar. Look for pgLang to unveil the The Melodic Blue album track list later in the week before Friday.

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