Bad Boy Member Reveals Shyne Snitched on Him, Calls Out Gene Deal for Lying on Puff Daddy

Bad Boy, we turn into the scene of the crime. . .

Bad Boy member reveals Shyne snitched, Gene Deal mentioned for spreading false allegations on Puff Daddy in recent months. One of the most interesting interviews we’ve seen in recent years is Jay Black’s conversation with Queenzflip and G-Money.

The FlipDaScript podcast was granted a conversation with a hip-hop historian like Jay Black, who in our opinion is the logo of Bad Boy Records. From revealing he brokered the static in the largest hip-hop publicized rivalry of all-time to helping launch the career of Biggie, Jay Black touched on eye-raising topics.

From shutting down rumors of Puff Daddy to calling out Gene Deal for not stopping the shooting of Biggie Smalls, watch the entire conversation below.

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