Bad Bunny – Solo De Mi

Artist: Bad Bunny
Song: “Solo De Mi
Producer: La Paciencia, Tainy
Album: La Nueva Religión

When we first heard this new Bad Bunny record, it was interesting because not only was there two songs in one, but they were very different in vibe. Like night and day. The first half of the song is very emotional and we thought it was about not being cuffed, but after watching the video, we can see BB had a larger message. In the clip, we see someone singing in front of the microphone as bruises and blood from domestic violence appears as the song continues. Once that stops, we can see things go to the club and straight to the turn up.

Here’s what Bad Bunny had to say about the video and song:

“I’m not sure if cockfighting is abuse, but gender violence against women and the absurd number of women who are murdered a month is. When are we going to prioritize what really matters? We always want to blame everyone but the one at fault. It’s time to take action now!”

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