Benny the Butcher – Scarface vs. Sosa, Pt. 1

Artist: Benny the Butcher
Song: “Scarface vs. Sosa, Pt. 1”
Producer: Cuns, Stabber
Album: Tommy Devito’s Breakfast
Director: THC Films

Back in 2017, Benny linked up with producer Cuns for a collaborative project titled Tommy Devito’s Breakfast. Two years later, the butcher is revisiting the EP with a new video for one of the songs on there, to put people on in case they slept. In the clip, he’s live in the studio with the rest of the Griselda fam, while footage of him on Sway in the Morning plays throughout. Make sure you go back to that Tommy effort if you were a fan of Tana Talk 3.

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