Beyoncé Writes Heartfelt Message to JAY Z Following ‘OTR II’ Tour End

As of last Thursday, the OTR II Tour finished its last stop in Seattle, WA and both JAY Z and Beyoncé concluded their long trip on the road.

Though we’ve seen their rocky times in the media, things seem to be as strong as ever between the two, word to their new album Everything is Love.

Now that things are back to normal and the two can enjoy some down time with the family and their kids, Queen Bey is looking back on their time on stage and the memories made during their tour, by writing a very heartfelt message to Jigga on Instagram. Not only does she call Jay her best friend, but she said she’d be his hype man any day. Those are very humbling words coming from a superstar as big as her.

Check out the video below.

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