B.G. is Refusing to Work with FEDs & Snitch for Prison Release

BG Refusing Snitch FEDS 2021 Story


Last month, Christopher ‘B.G.’ Dorsey appeared in court, asking for a compassionate release, due to COVID-19. After citing that he’s been rehabilitated in recent years, but did have an infraction for alcohol possession on the inside. This didn’t help the New Orleans legend’s wishes, as United States Attorney Duane A. Evans argued against the release of Mr. Dorsey.

The U.S. Attorney said, “The government objects to a reduction of Dorsey’s sentence, as there is no extraordinary or compelling reason for a reduction of sentence. Dorsey has no serious health issues and has been fully vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus.”

Due to violations inside the Bureau of Prisons, B.G. also refused to cooperate and provide information about a 2014 murder in Houston.

B.G. simply told said, “I have no comment for the FBI. I do not wish to speak to any FBI agent or outside law enforcement officer. I am a rapper and I do not rat on people.”

At the moment, his projected release date is April 13, 2024, which is just shy of three more years.


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