BIA – Sue Meee? (Cardi B Diss)

BIA ‘Sharpshooter’ Song Cardi B Diss

BIA responds to Cardi!

BIA ‘Sharpshooter’ Song Cardi B diss is the latest release from the COVER GIRL, as she readies Bad Boys: Ride or Die out this Friday. With the pride of Boston currently promoting the motion picture soundtrack for the final installment in the Bad Boys franchise, BIA encountered a bit of music industry static.

This started earlier in the weekend, when Cardi B dropped her official remix for Wanna Be. That was followed by a 20-minute rant, where the Bronx rapper voiced her issues with BIA; including mentioning lawsuit talk. Well, instead of talking on social media, BIA wanted to let her music speak for itself. Below, you can take a listen to her new diss track at Cardi B.

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