Brent Faiyaz – Trust

Artist: Brent Faiyaz
Song: “Trust”
Producer: Thaddeus Dixon, Los Hendrix, Nascent & Mike Blud
EP: Lost
Director: Lonewolf

Brent Faiyaz released his Lost EP in October, but thankfully, he’s not finished with the visuals yet.

Today, the singer is sharing a video for the song “Trust,” a song about things becoming less sacred as a result of fame. In it, we go through a day in the life of Faiyaz in New York City, who wakes up with a girl, hangs out with friends, runs into the same girl with her boyfriend, then links up with her after.

“If you choose to pursue a profession where people recognise you, you have to get used to being recognised,” Faiyaz told i-D. “I’ve always been naturally reserved, so people whispering about me when I walked into a spot weirded me out.”

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