Cam’ron Responds to Vado & Other Former Dipset Members in PSA Message

Camron Responds Vado Video Interview

Killa Cam responds. . .

Camron responds Vado video interview, following the Most Hated member’s truth about the breakup of the UN and working with DJ Khaled. At the time of the UN breakup, it was one of the most baffling things we saw in rap at the time.

Both Cam’ron and Vado had serious buzz, during the genre changing, while still providing bars and audio street content. The situation abruptly ending and no explanation for fans never sat well with a few of us behind-the-scenes here.

This week, Vado guest on Math Hoffa’s interview series, where he opened on linking with Killa, and going out of his way to mention he would never talk bad about Cam’ron. For whatever reason, there’s been a miscommunication, as Cam took to the gram to issue out a PSA to former friends within his camp.

While the masses believe its Vado, some insiders believe he’s talking about Hell Rell for telling his truth about the situation. Take a look at media below.

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