Cam’Ron Speaks on Rap Beefs, Takes Shots at ESPN on ‘Highly Questionable’

Cam’ron was on Highly Questionable and had a very classic interview to promote The Program mixtape.

He actually went up on the show to talk sports because he loves it and argued some good points on a few topics. First thing was first, he talked about why Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers ever, saying that Money Mayweather made way more money than Pretty Boy Floyd (as far as him fighting defensive vs. him fighting to knock people out). He also said that he does not respect people that say Kevin Durant took a shortcut because he controlled his own destiny and did things his way.

You have to listen what he said about that epic JAY Z and Nas beef back in the day and his opinion on who won too.

In part two, Killa speaks on why 50 Cent was his favorite rap beef of his career, why Joel Embiid‘s agent is definitely securing the bag, and what he doesn’t like about the 24/7 sports news media coverage. He also revealed his own shade of pink called Killa Pink, which he will be releasing nail polish and more things for.

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