Capone-N-Noreaga Reveal Rare Story “LA, LA” Filming Same Night 2pac Released “Hit Em’ Up”

Westside Bay-Beh. . .

Capone-N-Noreaga “LA, LA”, 2pac “Hit Em’ Up” story is revealed to the public for the first time ever with CNN explaining the infamous weekend. On a recent episode of Drink Champs, Capone let the best of the liquor get to him as he started sharing stories.

The Queens native reflected on the infamous east coast vs. west coast situation, where C-N-N were at the helm of the situation with Mobb Deep. While filming their “LA, LA” music video, Capone claimed that Prodigy declined to have his verse on the official version.

During that same night, in June of 1996, 2pac spontaneously released “Hit Em’ Up” going at the heads of the east coast; with the exception of LL Cool J.

Take a look at C-N-N below breaking down the night.

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