Cardi B Explains Album Bonus Tracks, New Single & Nicki Minaj Subliminals

With that “Money” single ringing off worldwide, Cardi B has fans excited for new music. As she tells it, there will be a bonus track care package coming around December or January that will also contain features from some big artists.

During an interview with Ebro on Beats 1, Cardi also spoke on the papparazzi hassling her for pictures of her and her baby, how crazy the Internet has been surrounding her motherhood and the fact her phone number leaked and people were sending threats to her. She also spoke on breastfeeding.

As far as Nicki Minaj:

“The way that I came up, it was never about dissing nobody, and I still feel like I don’t need to diss anybody for nothing. My music was never about that. I have a short temper, so that’s like doing things that I don’t stand for. I don’t like when people be subbing me. So why would I be subbing you on music? And any problem that I have, I always address people face-to-face. I don’t care. It’s whatever the energy’s like. I don’t care.”

She said she don’t care about being in the same room as Nicki, and it depends on the energy at the time. She doesn’t give a fuck, either way.

Watch an excerpt of the interview up top.

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