Cardi B – Wanna Be (Remix) (BIA Diss)

Cardi B ‘Wanna Be Remix’ Song BIA Diss

Bardi fires off first. . .

Cardi B ‘Wanna Be Remix’ song BIA diss, sees the Bronx rapper opening pandora’s box for the most unknown rap beef for the year 2024. When Cardi B first dropped her music video for “Like What” back in March, there was rumblings of a possible rift with BIA.

Well, this prompted the two to share subliminal messages on social media over the following weeks. This all came to a head this weekend, when Cardi B fired off with her first official diss track at the COVER GIRL. Below, you can listen to Bardi’s remix for “Wanna Be”, which we’re sure will have a response in the coming days.

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