Casanova – Coming Home (feat. Chris Brown)


Over the past week, Casanova has been gaining worldwide attention for his #SoBrooklynChallenge with Fabolous. While the Roc Nation rep is yet to share details on his next major project release, he’s taking advantage of his momentum to close out summer. Here, the Brooklyn native slows things down for the ladies, as he taps Chris Brown on the new Coming Home single. Take a listen to the cut below.

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First, and Foremost, I am Loving ALL of The #SoBrooklynChallenge Videos. Please Know The Purpose of The Challenge is to: Bring Back Real Authentic Rap, Unite Artist From Brooklyn (as we have become our own worst enemy and competitors). As well As Bring Unity, and Bridge Gaps Between Artists Across The Globe. Lastly, to Provide a Platform, Uncover and Expose Talent of Overlooked Artist and Entertainers. The Videos I Chose to Post Thus Far, Represent Raw Rap and Pain. If You Want to Be Posted, Put Your All Into The Verse. I am Not Reposting Based Upon Affiliation, Clout, Friendship, Social Media Following, or Because You Asked. No More “Hating” In The Comments, Apply Your Energy to The Music! Lets Get Back to The Essence! And most of my so called friends that’s asking me to post them or mad that I didn’t post them never even posted the song “SO BROOKLYN” but they want me to shine some light on them lol STEP THE FUCK OFF YALL KNOW MY BODY..IM “SO BROOKLYN”‼️

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