Why Casanova’s FEDs Miami Strip Club Shooting Implication is a Huge Warning to Every Rapper

he’s in the same situation as 6ix9ine. . .

A few days ago, reports surfaced regarding why Casanova is looking at the possibility of life in prison; following his arrest last month. The Brooklyn rapper was charged with various racketeering, murder, narcotics, firearms and fraud offenses; in connection to the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation.

However, this week, more information was revealed why his $2.5 million bail was declined by the federal government. We’re under the belief that the Southern District of New York Federal Court believes Casanova’s life is in danger. Those near to him could likely to do life in prison, and may want to tie up “loose ends”; which would end the possibility of him working with the federal government.

Casanova won’t be coming home anytime, with the government declining to accept the option of his team having the money in cash and a house as leverage. The only options Cas will have at the immediate future is open up about the situation and come home after time – or get a minimum of 20 years for not speaking at all.

The NY Daily News revealed the Brooklyn was in Miami taking pictures and received a text message from local person about throwing up the wrong gang said. Paperwork soon said a response text was sent by Casanova on Jarrett “Jaycee” Crisler’s iPhone saying “You wanna die tonight?”

Moments later that same person that sent a warning about the gang signs, was shot in the stomach, with an accompanist also hit. Jaycee soon bragged about the shooting, hitting the people with his firearm. The NY Daily went to reveal that the person who was shot in his stomach survived, as Jaycee also boasted about the situation going to major news.

The FEDs believe Casanova instigated the entire situation, which opened up a more serious case for attempted murder. With no one speaking, Casanova coming home on a $2.5 million bail would look insanely suspicious, which is why they’re keeping him safe. So, essentially, he’s in a lose-lose situation with staying inside and facing more than a decade; or coming home in a few months and looking like he co-operated.

Due to him meeting with Gorilla Bloods leader, Dwight “Dick Wolf” Reid, the FEDs have had an eye on him for many years. This dates back to even before his Roc Nation deal with JAY-Z, who Casanova said warned him about leaving the street life behind.

Now, every rapper should be on high alert after this recent news, as the FEDs are patiently waiting to build their cases against you. They essentially want every rapper linked to the streets and people active in the streets locked up to talk. So, you’ll either have to agree to cooperate or get hit with decades sentencing; unless you have the right lawyers and people in power on your side.

With multiple people mocking 6ix9ine over the last 16 months, they’ve been watching you – everyone. They’re laughing at you for saying you’ll never snitch as well, and will be applying pressure on everyone showing out.

This is quite alarming for these same men having no consignment to start their lives in comparison to other races. Casanova has an upcoming bail hearing, but we still think they will deny him bail again for his safety. We haven’t even mentioned the other guy that’s confirmed to have more information linking the Brooklyn rapper to more charges.

It’s not looking good for 2X. For rappers who think they’ve been able to successfully flip the street money in the industry, you’re not in the clear. It’s imperative to move quietly, get your friends out of the hood and make sure they have legal income away from any corrupt activity; so cash out.

The Federal Government is not playing any games after the botched Tr3yway case.

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