CEO Kris Testifies Being a Federal Informant Since 2013 to Take Down Shotti & Tr3yway in Day 5 Trial

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As week two of the Tr3yway kidnapping case against Harv and Nuke continues; the federal government’s number one informant was next up to take the stand. Kristan Cruz aka CEO Kris, confirmed that he had been working with the FEDs since 2013, to take down the Nine Trey Bloods.

So, this case has been going on well before Tekashi 6ix9ine, as the government got most of their information from Mr. Cruz. Through court documents, Cruz confirmed that he supplied Nine Trey with Heroin; where he originally got from China to flip in the states. Now, with the FEDs having information on their alleged drug deals, 6ix9ine’s arrival added more gasoline to the fire.

The guns and street activity during the 6ix9ine run, led to the FEDs gaining more motive to shut down their investigation. With overwhelming evidence against the entire team, this led to Shotti, 6ix9ine and the others pleading out to lesser time in the RICO investigation.

Look for more informants are likely to be exposed in the coming weeks.

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There was an informant in #tr3yway way before #6ix9ine started to cooperate with the government.. CEO Chris is the first person associated with #tr3yway that started working for the government, way before #tekashi69 met any #tr3yway members.. In the second video #tekashi says the only way you can touch me, is if your already next to me.. In the first video you can see CEO Chris, the only one with shades on in the video.. This is when #tekashi69 knew there was no way out this. The informant was around for months. #6ix9ine saw the evidence that was collected on #tr3yway & it goes back to 2013 😳 The reason most members plead guilty right away including #shotti and #6ix9ine was because they were worried, they had found out #ceochris was an informant and has been working for the government for years which is why the government was able to take them down so fast. Remember #6ix9ine was only around for a about a year, #ceochris has been around for 9 years collecting evidence..

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