Chris Brown Responds to Drug Addiction Claims


Bhris Breezy opens up on the rumors. . .

A few days ago, Billboard posted a story on the alleged downward spiral of Chris Brown. According to his close peers, Mr. Brown is allegedly abusing hard drugs, alcohol; and has destruction behavior problems. With the help of industry insiders, as well as his former employees and associate, the story basically alluded to Chris sabotaging his career with personal demons.

Through substance abuse, anger and obsession, his former manager and publicist both quit with a month’s span last May, as they saw erratic behavior. According to the story, Brown was clean after his 2014 release from jail; but broke his sobriety a few months after – allegedly, using cocaine, Xanax, molly and lean. Well, with the general public examining the story, the Virginia singer-dancer took to social media and gave his opinion on those rumors.

Take a look Brown firing back at the report and those trying to damage his name.

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