Cocaine ’80s – The Pursuit [Mixtape]

If you’re wondering what a “Cocaine 80’s” is and what it’s doing up here, we were wondering the exact same thing a while ago. That is until we found out it’s a project consisting of artists like No I.D., Steve Wyreman, Free Bass, Keys of Coke, Rob “The Mixer” Kinelski, Kevin Randolph, James Fauntleroy, Common, Makeba, Sam Lewis, Anna Ugarte, Omar Loya, Blake Douglas and Pablo Escobar.

Even with that lineup, you’re probably still confused as to why this dropped out of nowhere, but just know that track 2 is a new Common track with No I.D. on the production. Possibly from the new album? We definitely hope so.

Tracklisting and link after the jump.

01. Nameless
02. Summer Madness
03. To Tell You The Truth
04. Get You Some
05. Not No More
06. Nothing
07. Anywhere But Here


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